Saturday, January 9, 2010

Phone Etiquette

I've always run under the impression that there are unspoken rules regarding telephone calls with new or developing relationships. If you have called someone (especially if you've left a message), you are required to wait for them to return the phone call. Not to do so can leave you looking like a psycho-needy stalker.

Recently, another of my Internet acquisitions and I exchanged numbers. He immediately called me. Fortunately, er, unfortunately I was busy at the time and missed the phone call. You can imagine my surprise when my call log showed back to back missed calls and a message. I guess he was just making sure I really could not answer the phone! Being later in the evening I thought I'd return the call the following day.

Except, he didn't give me a chance. Immediately the next day, low and behold, there was another missed call and another message. By this point in time my little alarm bell is starting to clang. Digging in my heels, I refused to return the call. Remember, at this point I have yet to speak to the guy - ever! There is no previous relationship, no urgent news he must impart to me. Over the space of two days and an additional evening he considerately called me five times and left no fewer than four messages. Wow! By the time the third call came I was fed up. Did he not know the rule?? Did he not know he was looking a wee bit, well, desperate?? I hopped on the trusty computer and fired off an email. Don't worry, I was very kind. I nicely stated how many women would appreciate his commitment and effort, however I was not one of them. That perhaps, just perhaps he was not the guy for me. I also wished him luck in his further search. See - nice.

I do wonder if I should have done a service to women kind and pointed out the phone call rule. But I didn't. And I'm sure, somewhere, out there, there is a woman who would love to have some one speed dialing her repeatedly. I am not that girl. Can you imagine the incessantly occurring phone calls once he had a chance to get to know you?

*ring* Hey, it's me, whatcha doing?

Ten minutes later *ring* Hey, it's me, you still doing laundry?

*shudder* Clingy - bleh!

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